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From Gramp’s rice fields ‘Pounded Kusamochi’

Traditional kusamochi peculiar to Furuta region of Fujiwara-cho. It is made with pounded homegrown habutaemochi (sweet rice) and full of mugwort produced locally (or in Aomori) and stuffed with carefully-cooked chunky red bean paste made from azuki (red bean) produced in Hokkaido. It has a moderately chewy texture and presents vibrant mugwort flavor that lingers in your mouth. Baked in a toaster oven, it will create a different kind of texture.
  • 1 piece
  • 4-pack set
  • 10-pack gift set

From Gramp’s rice fields ‘Five-color Kakimochi (thin rice cracker)’

This rustic rice cracker has soft and tender taste and brings out the original sweetness of rice. It is the best snack for children. After our outstanding rice is processed into mochi (rice cake), we make kakimochi in winter by the natural drying method which is unchanged as before, making use of the climate condition of 220 meters high. Enjoy different five flavors of natural materials  from perilla to nutmeg.
  • 1 piece/each flavor (perilla, black sesame, black bean, laver, nutmeg)
  • Variety pack (assorted: 5 flavors)
  • 5 flavor variety gift set (1 bag/each flavor)

From Gramp’s rice fields ‘Five-color kirimochi (rice cake cut in rectangular piece)’

This rectangle rice cake is made from 100% particularly sticky and stretchy homegrown habutaemochi. ‘White’ has natural taste while ‘Genmai (brown rice)’ has savory flavor. You can also enjoy other 3 flavors: ‘Kurogoma (black rice),’ ‘Yomogi (mugwort),’ and ‘Shoyu (soy sauce),’ all of which are made from natural ingredients and colorfully finished. By flash frozen, it can be stored for a long period. It is not only perfect for the New Year and as year-end gifts, but also good to be kept all year round.
  • 1 piece/each flavor
  • 5 flavor assorted pack (1piece/each flavor in separate packet)
  • 5 flavor variety gift set (2 pieces/each flavor)
From Gramp’s rice fields ‘Osekihan (steamed rice with red beans)’
Produced in our farm as Specially-cultivated rice. It is made from 100% sweet rice and red beans produced in Hokkaido. With the original steaming method of making osekihan, its sticky and chewy texture is outstanding. It contains no artificial colorants and additives. By contriving how to cook, we have succeeded in preserving the natural and gentle color. As it is packed in a volume of 1 standard meal, you can always and easily enjoy freshly cooked rice right away. It is convenient when you want to have a meal quickly without using a rice cooker, or it can be bento when you are going out.
  • 1 portion
  • 4 portion gift set (each individually packaged)

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