Nothing Better Than This — Rich And Soft Organic Mochi

Food processing (The Sixth Sector Industry)

Processing and Sales Division

Kusamochi made from safe and secure local materials have enjoyed popularity.

To process rice and soybeans and serve our products to customers then and there, we opened a homemade Japanese confectionery store Eboshi in 2000, while at the same time building our own factory. Since it is countryside, we have plenty of yomogi (mugwort) and produce and sell traditional Japanese confectionary such as kusamochi (mugwort dumpling). Local farm products and handicrafts are also sold at our store and have been very popular. Early in the Showa era (which refers to the period from 1926 to around 1941), everything was safe and tasted good. Nowadays, a number of people suffer from lifestyle diseases, atopy, and hay fever. Learning such food-related health issues, we felt a need to offer homemade additive-free processed food products made from materials which are also made ourselves. They have earned good reputations and we hope more people will enjoy them.

*Sixth Industrialization
It is a Japanease business approach to promote revitalization of agriculture by combining secondary industry and tertiary industry with primary industry. (Undertaking producing, processing, distribution, sales and other business integrally to increase the added value of products)

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