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Farm Management

Farm Production Division

We are taking steps to preserve farmland and ensure the supply of safe foods.


 Japan’s agricultural reform is set to be carried out for the first time since the farmland liberation after World War 2. We must preserve farmland to secure food.

Community farming is expected to be helpful in order to accomplish this. We can unite as the hidden strength of community to protect Japanese agriculture. We as the residents of Furuta Community established Fujiwara Farm 20 years ago. We have been struggling to maintain the regional farmland and to produce organic and chemical-free food, expanding sales through the management of direct sales to consumers. Traditional farming is defined as a primary industry, the sector of a business making direct use of natural products including rice, wheat, and soybeans. However, we engage ourselves not only in farming itself but also other relevant activities, in other words, performing an integrated system covering everything from production to processing, and sales to provide consumers with high-quality products.

Promoting measures for idle farmland

Having conducted farmland consolidation to decrease deserted farm, Fujiwara Farm Corporation is now in charge of the general management of local farmland for community farming.

Specified agricultural corporation

Certified as a specified agricultural corporation, we are currently in charge of 23 hectare of rice fields out of all 25 hectare in our community.

Strawberry Cultivation

In winter, we cultivate strawberries in greenhouses. They are sold at our store Eboshi.

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