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What is Hosuke Club?

We work cooperatively to preserve the local nature while playing it to the full.

While the times change continuously, we have always coexisted with nature, living a simple but fulfilled life. Deep woods lie at the foot of Mount Eboshi, the symbol of the local region. Fireflies dance over Akao River, known for its clear stream. Paddy fields spread under the blue sky. They are original scenery of good old days of Japan. Hosuke Club is a project to preserve and nurture those places with care and hand them down to the next generation. Nothing is difficult. Just gather together in this beautiful rural village. Whether young or old, enjoy the nature to the full and fit in the place. It will allow us to preserve our precious hometown and the natural environment and life culture that will be a great asset to the children who will forge the future of our communities. Hosuke Club strives for our goal, exploring various ways. Let’s just start with playing with us first.

The mission of the club

Satoyama’s natural beauty has been preserved in Furuta, Fujiwara-cho. Even so, we must admit it is chang …

The club activities

Approach to Natural Environment Conservation (maintenance of forest and biotope) Repair and construction of wa …

The history of the club

2000 Started repair and construction of Furuta Stroll Road 2001 Held Satoyama Nature Walks 2002 Was certified …

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