Nothing Better Than This — Rich And Soft Organic Mochi

A year in Satoyama


Mountain cherry blossoms in full bloom, singing of bush warblers, and wild vegetable picking.

It is the season for bud burst. Mountain cherry blossoms and Dogtooth violets bloom while cute tadpoles and Medaka (Japanese killifish) show up in paddy fields and biotopes.


Fireflies, insect collecting, and playing in the water.

Furuta, Fujiwara-cho is also known as the hometown of fireflies. Every summer, they fly and dance over Akao River, enjoying its clear stream.


A clear blue sky, red dragonflies, and rice harvest.

When red dragonflies start to fly, it is the sign of autumn. Turning a shining golden color, rice fields come alive with harvest. And leaves of the trees gradually turn red and yellow.


Mochi-tsuki (pounding boiled rice into mochi) , snowy mountains, and playing in the snow.

Furuta, Fujiwara-cho is located in the northernmost area in Mie, and full-scale snowscape can be seen when it snows. Children here have always enjoyed playing in the snow.

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