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EBOSHI, managed by Fujiwara Farm Ltd., has opened in 2000. We sell rice produced by us and homemade Japanese confectionery such as mochi made from sweet rice. Above all, kusamochi (mugwort dumpling) made from our rice has been very popular since its opening and has attracted many customers from afar.

Other farm products and handicrafts made by local people are also sold at our store.

A number of people from urban areas visit the store and we enjoy interactions with them. Many of them become fans of Furuta region and participate in various events hosted by Hosuke Club.





Address:1152-1 Furuta, Fujiwara Cho, Inabe, Mie, Japan 

Open: 9:00 Close:17:00

Closed on Wednesday New Year Hours

TEL:+81 (594)46-2448



TEL 0594-46-2144 営業時間: 9:00 - 17:00 [ 水曜日を除く ]

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